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Trade show

FEM conference includes a trade show that focuses on mining and exploration companies and their suppliers, universities and research institutes, authorities and surveys. Over a hundred exhibitors are presenting their operations, services and products at FEM.

Trade show areas

  • Congress & Exhibition Centre Levi Summit: First floor – area A and ground floor – area B
  • Restaurant Vetta, Hotel Levi Panorama: First floor – area C
  • Area A is reserved for exploration and mining companies, the Canada Pavilion and FEM organizers.
  • Area B and C for service sector/service suppliers. Each company/corporation can reserve only one booth.

The Canada Pavilion on the first floor is organized by the Canadian Embassy in Helsinki together with the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). It is meant for Canadian companies interested, and/or exploring, in the Fennoscandian Shield of Northern Europe.


Booth booking

The process of booking a booth at the FEM 2019 trade show will be same as for FEM 2017

  • FEM 2017 exhibitors will get a priority renewal opportunity to book the same booth they had in 2017.
  • If you shared a booth at FEM 2017, please note that the priority renewal opportunity applies only to the main exhibitor, not the sharing companies. Sharing will still be possible at FEM 2019.
  • FEM 2017 main exhibitors have received a message asking for contact person information in December 2018.
  • FEM 2019 trade show invitations for priority renewal will be sent only to the confirmed contact persons.
  • Invitations have been sent out in January 2019.
  • Deadline for booth renewals was 31 March 2019.

Priority renewal booth assignment is now completed. New exhibitors can apply online for a booth on a first-come, first-served basis. The online form for new booth applications was activated on Wednesday 24 April 2019 at noon (GMT +2, Finnish time).

The list of FEM 2019 exhibitors

Booth options

  Congress & Exhibition Centre Levi Summit
Area A (1st floor) – SOLD OUT
Area A (1st floor), Canada Pavilion – SOLD OUT
booth (6 m2)2,200 €
Area A (1st floor)  – SOLD OUTbooth (4 m2)1,600 €
Area B (ground floor) – SOLD OUTbooth (6 m2)2,000 €
Area B (ground floor) – SOLD OUTbooth (4 m2)1,400 €
  Hotel Levi Panorama
Area C (1st floor) – SOLD OUTbooth (6 m2)1,800 €
Area C (1st floor) – SOLD OUTbooth (4 m2)1,200 €



All bookings will be made online. Also the payments for the booths will be charged online during the booking process (invoicing option with extra fee).

The booth price includes

  • one full registration
  • white infill panels (height 250 cm, width 100 cm/panel)
  • fascia with company name (fascia text in standard letters, fascia height 25 cm)
  • two spot lights (50 W, led/halogen)
  • one electrical outlet
  • carpet (red carpet at Canada Pavilion)
  • daily cleaning
  • company name on the FEM 2019 website and in the printed trade show catalogue included in the meeting materials handed out to all registered participants. Trade show catalogue includes info also about sharing companies.

Cancellation policy
Cancellations must be made in writing to Rovaniemi-Lapland Congresses ( Booth price will be refunded if cancellation is received before 1 June 2019. No refunds will be made for cancellations received after this date. Please note that a processing fee of 50 € will be deducted from all refunds.

Exhibitor registration
One exhibitor per booth is included in the booth price. All other exhibitors must pay the conference registration fee. As FEM 2019 is not a fair, booth price does not include any free customer invitations. Entrance to the trade show is open only for registered participants wearing the event name badge.

All exhibitors must register for the conference in advance using the online registration form available on the fees and registration page. Please choose as your registration type either Exhibitor (one incl. in booth price) or Exhibitor (extra). Please note that if you plan to share your booth with another company, you must inform the organizer about this by email to

Solicitation to exhibitors
Please note that the only official exhibitor listing is the trade show catalogue printed by the event organizers. If you are contacted by any outside company (e.g. Expo-Guide & FAIRGuide) offering free exhibitor directory listings, this is a scam. Please do not respond to any of their inquiries.

Exhibitor instructions

Main exhibitors have received instructions by email. If you are a co-exhibitor, please contact main exhibitor.

Important dates and times


  • Monday 28 October at 14:00 – 18:00
  • Tuesday 29 October at 08:00 – 14:00

Show hours

  • Tuesday 29 October at 16:00 – 22:00
  • Wednesday 30 October at 09:00 – 18:00
  • Thursday 31 October at 09:30 – 16:30


  • Thursday 31 October at 16:30 – 20:00

FEM exhibitors are welcome to use FEM logo for their marketing. If you are interested in this option, please contact for more details.

Furniture orders
Please order the furniture for your booth from the trade show constructor MSP Event Oy. Use the furniture order form to send in your order.

Furniture pictures and carpet colour codes (PDF)

Furniture order form (Excel)

MSP Event Oy will invoice all furniture costs directly from your company. If you have any special requests for your booth (not included in the materials), MSP Event Oy will be happy to help you with this – just ask!

Please make your furniture orders by Monday 30 September. Orders made later than seven days prior to the event are subject to an additional 25% late charge.

MSP Event Oy
Kiilletie 1, 90620 Oulu
Orders: Heli Keränen
Tel. +358 40 5899 402
Email: (only in Finnish)

Please note the following when placing your order to MSP Event Oy 

  • All booths include one fascia – the fascia width is the same as your booth width. The fascia height is 22-25 cm with 18 cm free height for texts. We recommend the maximum height of 15-17 cm for fascia texts.
  • Fascia text in standard letters is included in booth price (one company name/booth). This does not include logos.
  • You can order from MSP Event Oy additional company names/logos for your fascia (extra charge).
  • If your booth is a corner booth, you need to decide if you want to keep the booth end open and replace it with another fascia (extra charge/fascia text or logo). Please inform your decision to MSP Event Oy.
  • Want to have your company logo on the fascia (either in addition to company name in standard lettering or instead of it)? This will cost you extra. Add the request on the furniture order form and send your logo to MSP Event Oy by email in one of the following formats: pdf, ai, freehand, vectore or jpg. The logo must be received two weeks before FEM 2019 at the latest.
  • Carpet colour is fixed as red for the Canada Pavilion (booths A13 – A21). For other booths the choice of carpet colour is free. Please include your choice of carpet colour in the furniture order form. Carpet colour codes are available in the attachment.
  • Changing fascia texts onsite is not possible. Please confirm the correct fascia texts to MSP Event Oy by Monday 30 September!

NB! Levi Summit Conference and Exhibition Centre is not a fair centre and therefore there are some restrictions to promotional materials and exhibits you use.

  • No heavy machinery
  • No machinery/exhibits over normal room height
  • No outdoor exhibition area available
  • Parking areas are reserved for parking only

Ordering refreshments to your booth

Hotel Levi Panorama (Kiinteistö Oy Koutalaki 1) has exclusive rights to restaurant services in Hotel Levi Panorama and the Event Centre Levi Summit. No alcoholic beverages can be brought to the FEM event premises. The only thing you can bring to your booth freely is sweets. All booth catering orders must be placed using the online form.

Online booth catering order form

Please send in your online orders by Monday 7 October. Pre-ordered goods will be delivered to your booth daily. Place one separate order for each delivery day and time.

If you have questions, contact

Delivery of booth materials
We recommend that you use Suomen Messulogistiikka Oy (SMLog), the official logistic partner of FEM 2019, to handle all deliveries.

Logistic instructions for FEM 2019 trade show (PDF)

How to send your booth materials back (PDF)

  • Send pre-advice and/or service order by email to SMLog by Friday 4 October at the latest
  • Arrival period to SMLog warehouse 14 – 23 October
  • Airfreight shipments must arrive to Helsinki Airport on 18 October at the latest
  • Delivery of shipments from SMLog warehouse
  • to the venue on Friday 25 October
  • to the stands on Monday 28 October at 8:00
  • Pick-up of empties from the stands starting on Tuesday 29 October at 11:00, by 13:00 at the latest
  • Delivery of empties back to the stands on Thursday 31 October at 17:00
  • Collection from the stands and move to the SMLog warehouse on Thursday 31 October by 19:30 at the latest
  • Shipment dispatch from the SMLog warehouse starting from 4 November at 8:00

Move-in and move-out
Exhibitor is responsible for setting up and fitting out its own booth. Booth construction, fitting out, and the delivery of goods may not begin before 14:00 on Monday 28 October.

The booth must be completed by 14:00 on Tuesday 29 October. Please note that all exhibits, furniture and roll-ups must be inside the booth borders. The conference opening session will start at 17:00.

Exhibitor must take all package materials to recycling spot shown by the staff. Trade show area will be vacuum-cleaned before the conference opening and daily after this.

Exhibitor is not allowed to attach anything to the ceiling, columns or walls – please use the booth panels for this purpose. Infill panel surface is hard, please use only removable tape or hanging hooks for heavier items.

Dismantling will start after the conference closing. All exhibitor’s goods and structures must be removed from the trade show area on Thursday 31 October by 20:00 at the latest. The exhibition space must be returned to the organizer in the same condition in which it was placed at the exhibitor’s disposal. MSP Event Oy will charge exhibitors for possible damages.

Exhibitor is responsible for arranging return transfer for the booth materials – this will not be handled by the organizer or the venue personnel. We recommend that you use Suomen Messulogistiikka Oy (SMLog) to handle this.

Electricity and data connection
The organizers are responsible for the general lighting of the exhibition area. The main electricity supply is 220V. One electrical outlet is included in the booth price. A free wireless Internet connection is available in the trade show area.

The whole technical programme will be shown on video screens placed in all trade show areas.

Security and insurance
The organizer is responsible for fire safety and general order in the exhibition area. Trade show area will be locked and guarded during night. The organizer shall not be held liable for any damage to or the disappearance of goods, structures or other materials. The exhibitor must independently take out any insurance policy that it regards as warranted (to goods and/or personnel). The insurance policies held by the organizers cover any possible damage caused by the actions of the organizers’ employees or by any of their equipment or constructions.

If you plan to bring to your booth devices that may cause danger to fire safety, please inform the conference office about this. The device will need a permit from the fire authorities.

FEM 2019 Media partners
We are proud to introduce you the official FEM 2019 media partners. Feel free to contact them for extra exposure before and during FEM.

email addresses
Due to the GDBR regulations, it is no longer possible to send the email addresses of registered participants to FEM exhibitors. The list of participants will be included in conference materials on-site and in print only. This list will include only the participants who have given their permission to include their information.

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