FEM 2023 programme

Short courses, keynote speakers and excursions will be published when conference registration opens on Wednesday 1 March 2023. NB. All FEM 2023 short courses have already been selected.

FEM Conference focuses on exploration and mining. Therefore FEM invites speakers from exploration and mining companies, research institutes, academia, authorities and geological surveys. All presentations are by invitation only (no open call for abstracts). Talks from service industry are not invited unless they are not mandated by an exploration and mining company.

There are several other events concentrating on mining technology and processing industry. The Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM), on the other hand, has from the very beginning focused mainly on exploration and mine development.

Planning started in September 2022. If you have programme proposals, please contact riitta.muhojoki(at)lapinliitto.fi.

FEM 2023 Main topics

  • Mining in Europe – the Minerals act: self-sufficiency and availability of human and monetary resources
  • Exploration and mining technology

Venue info

The final technical programme timetable with speakers will be announced in autumn 2023.

Monday 30 October
15:00-18:00Pre-conference short courses
Tuesday 31 October
09:00-16:00Pre-conference short courses (cont.)

12:00-Conference registration
Event Centre Levi Summit (1st floor)
16:00-17:00Welcome coffee/tea, trade show areas A, B & C
17:00-19:30Conference and trade show opening
19:30-22:00Ice-breaker Party, trade show areas A, B & C
Wednesday 1 November
09:00-10:40Technical session
10:40-11:10Coffee/tea, trade show areas A, B & C
11:10-12:40Technical session
12:40-14:00Lunch, Restaurant Panorama (1st & 2nd floor)
12:40-14:00Student – Industry Networking Luncheon
Gold Digger Bar (7th floor), by invitation only
14:00-15:30Technical session
15:30-16:00Coffee/tea, trade show areas A, B & C
16:00-17:00Technical session
17:00-18:00Trade show areas A, B & C
19:00-Fennoscandian Mining Night
Restaurant World, Levi Hotel Spa
Thursday 2 November
09:30-11:00Technical session
11:00-12:30Lunch, Restaurant Panorama (1st & 2nd floor)
12:30-14:20Technical session
14:20-14:50Coffee/tea, trade show areas A, B & C
14:50-16:10Technical session
16:10-Conference closing
Friday 3 November
07:45-16:15Post-conference excursions

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