FEM 2021 will be delivered Online

The dates of FEM 2021 will remain the same (2-4 November 2021). The programme will be designed as short online sessions with presentations and news flashes. Our Online event aims to provide new ideas and knowledge, to support and inspire participants in these extraordinary times.

Registration for FEM 2021 Online events opens free of charge in October. The date will be confirmed later.  Arrangements are in process and further information of speakers will be made available soon. Stay tuned and don’t miss the opportunity to attend!


FEM 2023

The next in-person conference with the trade show, 14th Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM 2023), will take place from 31 October to 2 November 2023 in Levi, Lapland, Finland.

Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM) highlights exploration and mining in Fennoscandia. In addition to Nordic experts, the conference will feature many international speakers, including top names, corporate management in the field, researchers and specialists from e.g. Canada and Australia.

Many mining and exploration events concentrate on mining technology and processing industry. The Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM), on the other hand, has from the very beginning focused mainly on exploration and mine development. Therefore FEM invites speakers from exploration and mining companies, research institutes, academia, authorities and geological surveys. All presentations are by invitation only (no open call for abstracts).


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