FEM 2019 Trade show.

Priority renewal booth assignment was completed on 31 April 2019. The online form for new booth applications was activated on Wednesday 24 April at noon (GMT +2, Finnish time). The list of FEM 2019 exhibitors will be published only after the whole process has been completed by the end of May.

Exhibitor registration

One exhibitor per booth is included in the booth price. All other exhibitors must pay the conference registration fee. As FEM 2019 is not a fair, booth price does not include any free customer invitations. Entrance to the trade show is open only for registered participants wearing the event name badge.

All exhibitors must register for the conference in advance using the online registration form available on the fees and registration page. Please choose as your registration type either Exhibitor (one incl. in booth price) or Exhibitor (extra). Please note that if you plan to share your booth with another company, you must inform the organizer about this by email to congress@ulapland.fi.

Exhibitor instructions

Instructions e.g. furniture orders, ordering refreshments, delivery of booth materials etc., will be available by the end of June. Instructions will also be sent to the exhibitor’s contact persons by email.

FEM logo

FEM exhibitors are welcome to use the FEM logo for their marketing. If you are interested in this option, please contact Riitta Muhojoki for more details riitta.muhojoki(at)lapinliitto.fi.

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