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We would like to tell you about the events organized by FEM sponsors and partner organizations during FEM week.

Assessment of undiscovered mineral resources – the MAP method: theory and examples

Date: 1 November 2019 at 9:00 – 17:00
Venue: Hotel Levi Panorama, Restaurant Gold Digger, (7th floor)

Information of remaining, although yet unknown, mineral resources is becoming increasingly important for decision-making at country and regional level. Exploration companies need good quantitative information of the expected endowment in the area selection phase.

This one-day short course describes the quantitative assessment method and software developed in the EIT RawMaterials co-funded project “Mineral Resource Assessment Platform (MAP)”. The course also gives an overview of methods used in the assessment of undiscovered mineral endowment, including the three-part method, play analysis, and mineral potential mapping. Presentations on various aspects of an assessment are given, including grade-tonnage model construction and evaluation, delineation of permissive areas where deposits can exist, estimation of the number of undiscovered deposits, and carrying out economic screening of assessment results. Several examples of assessments and results from various locations are also presented.

The presentations are given by experts of MAP project partners, including Geological Survey of Finland, Geological Survey of Sweden, Geological Survey of Norway, Iceland GeoSurvey, Oulu Mining School, Norwegian University of Science and Technology and Beak Consultants GmbH. For full details and registration, please check the event website at http://www.map-eitrawmaterials.eu/levi2019/

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